Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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Nov 19

DIY Home Décor and Design – Three tips before you begin redesigning that room

Posted by: Bruce Woolf

Bruce Woolf

HGTV showcases a lot of designers and one of the public’s favorites is Vern Yip, a 12-year design veteran and the host for four years now of “Deserving Design,” one of a variety of home makeover shows.  Most of us would be better off getting a design from a talented and experienced pro like Yip, but for those of us who can’t, Yip offers up a few straight-forward tips before you start your DIY interior design projects:

Room_Design_By_V_YipTaste is a matter of, well, taste.  Your home should express who you are, your character and personality.  Yes, you want others to be comfortable in your home but they are not living there.  You are.  Pick items that speak to you.  Do not purchase items because you think others will think them appropriate, pick items that you enjoy.  Yip believes you should walk through your door and smile because the environment makes you feel joy. 

Test your budget.  Don’t buy beyond your means but choose quality products that will last whether we are talking about paint, bedspreads or furniture.  Unfortunately, it too often that people second guess themselves and end up admitting disappointedly that they “got what they paid for.”  You want your newly designed room to stand up to normal wear and tear and washings.

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Get a good sense of the scale of your room and what you are trying to acccomplish.  Spend time walking around and observing different sized rooms to experience how the size of the furniture fits given


the dimensions of the room.  It may seem obvious that smaller rooms should house smaller pieces of furniture but it is easy to forget this fact when you are touring furniture showrooms and warehouses.  Vern Yip says: “Your furniture should grow with you.”  Yip even developed a furniture line that includes smaller pieces specifically for smaller rooms.

Visit Vern at http://vernyip.com/index.html

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